Liquid Assets

Boon and Caro Sheridan
July 2016

The recent ‘The Color of Wealth in Boston’ report revealed the difference in access to liquid assets in the Boston population. The research inspired Boon and Carol to produce six Daiquiri variations. The different rums used indicate the ethnic group/origin and their amount of liquid assets.

In many cultures, alcohol is made from sugarcane byproducts. In order to produce rum, sugarcane needs to ferment, which means it must be put aside and not touched for some time, just like people do with their financial assets.

The cocktails should be served in ice spheres of different thickness (thick=most assets = more protected; thin= least assets = least protected) which must be cracked before drinking. The performative action of slashing the ice reminds us that for those people with little liquid assets a simple event such as an accident or loss or employment means financial hazard.

Created at

Data Cuisine Workshop Boston

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