Eating the Distance

Jessie Richards, Ben Houge and Joshua Rosenstock
July 2016

Eating the Distance presents a sequence of fruit crudités — four dishes that represent the distance food travels to get to us, as well as the varying complexity of food processing.

From a locally sourced Gin Rickey (only 80 miles of total travel distance for the ingredients) we progress to Skyr yoghurt with honey, strawberry and mint (400 miles) to a creamy mango-pistachio bite (7,000 miles) to a coconut tapioca pudding with pineapple chunks and coconut cream, wrapped in a banana leaf cone amounting in a total of 21,000 miles travelled.

In the presentation, the dishes are spread out in the room, in proportional distance to the "food miles" travelled.

Created at

Data Cuisine Workshop Boston

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