March 2017

Data Cuisine Workshop Pristina

In February 2017, Data Cuisine took place in Pristina, Kosovo. The UNDP had invited us to explore data on corruption in Kosovo together with eight workshop participants. Corruption is one of the biggest problems in Kosovo. The UNDP tries to fight corruption through empowering citizens and access to information.

Usually, we don't have a theme, so this workshop was special. Before meeting in Pristina we looked at many statistics describing the situation. These – together with data that the participants found – served as a basis for the creation of the data dishes.

In two intensive days, eight data dishes were created. On the culinary side, the participants were supported by the team of Papirun. The first part of the workshop took place at Klubi M.

Thanks go to our hosts and partners, and particularly to Vigan Hoxha who made it all happen.

Foto credit: Majlinda Hoxha

Dishes from this workshop

Photos from this workshop