The Flija Choice

Mjellme Doli and Zana Sherifi
March 2017

Flija is probably the most Albanian-Kosovar dish you can ever have. It’s not easy to make and takes a long time. Made simply out of flour, water, salt cream and pure cream, Flija is usually not spicy. But in this case some of the Flija is spiced with chili powder and red pepper.

The Flija Choice is a kind of game with food. Participants are offered two kinds of similarly looking Flija by the Flija Serving Officer. S/he asks the participants to report to the Flija Reporting Officer across the room, if they experience something unusual eating the Flija. The Flija Serving Officer counts the Flija consumers, while the Flija Reporting Officer counts the incoming reports. After all Flija is consumed, the Officers tell the participants how many of them have reported an unusual Flija in relation to the total Flija consumed. They also explain how this game relates to corruption: Reporting corruption is so uncommon in Central Asia and Europe for 30% of the population fear retaliation.

Created at

Data Cuisine Workshop Pristina

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