(Un)employed Dollmas

Ernera Dushica and Qendresa Hoti
March 2017

Kosovo is facing multiple economic and social problems, one of which is high unemployment. Two of the three Dollmas give an idea of the current employment situation of women in Kosovo. The last one envisions a better future.

All peppers are stuffed with the same ingredients, rice and minced meat, but in different proportions. In the ‘worst’ filling, rice dominates clearly. In addition, the pepper sits on a burned slice of tomato. This Dollma represents the extremely high unemployment rate among young women. In the second Dollma, the amount of rice is slightly reduced. Also carrot, parsley and some boiled vegetables are added, so the dish becomes slightly better. However, it tells that the majority of women in Kosovo don’t have a paid job. The "perfect" Dollma represents a future situation, when the employment rate among women has reached 90 percent: It’s tasty, rich of meat and comes with a variety of healthy vegetables on the side.

Created at

Data Cuisine Workshop Pristina

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