Ejje with IS Crèmes

Majid Albunni, Christine Liehr and Marketa Hulpachova
January 2015

An omelet spiced with cumin and pepper, which is popular in Syria.

It comes with three different crèmes: one based on mayonnaise, one being a yoghurt-crème with mint, and a mango-curry-crème based on white cheese. With these three crèmes, the workshop participants Majjid, Christine and Marketa tried to bring to our attention the somewhat surprising fact that support for Islamic State among Arabic-speaking social media users in Belgium are greater than in the militant group’s heartlands of Syria for example.

In Syria, ISIS appears to be dramatically losing the battle for support with more than 92% of tweets, blogs and forum comments hostile to the militants. But the jihadist militants are successful at spreading their message and their efforts appear to be having an effect: outside Syria, support for Isis rises significantly. One can taste the grade of the ISIS support in the crèmes.

According to the numbers, red pepper was added.

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Data Cuisine Workshop & Flying Buffet Berlin

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