Dip ’n’ Plug

Majid Albunni, Christine Liehr, Marketa Hulpachova
January 2015

In Mali, there are on average 1.3 mobile phones contracts per person — but only 14% actually have access to electricity!
So, for this dish, we made 260 meat skewers for 200 guests — that is an average of 1.3 skewer per person which equals the number of mobile phone contracts per person in Mali. In order to plug in your "cell phone", you had to go on a hunt for the delicious dip. We placed the dips only at a few spots, so you can feel like a true Malian who is looking for an electricity plug in a rural area. Actually, as in other African countries people use charging stations which are small kiosks or shops where one can buy prepaid telephone cards as well as leave the phone for a day to be charged.

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Created at

Data Cuisine Workshop & Flying Buffet Berlin

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