Forêt composée - Composed Forest

Thomas Levine, Elona Shatri
November 2019

Presented in round glass containers, two mixes of vegetables and mushrooms show the increased amount of forest cover in France, comparing the years 1830 (9.5 million hectare) and 2014 (16 million hectares). The percentage of vegetables and mushrooms indicates the relation of forest area to metropolitan areas. The representation of the "1830 forest" reminds of a black-and-white photograph, while the modern one is colourful. The 2014 forest is composed of cauliflower, parsley, pumpkin seeds and parasol mushrooms on a base of crumble. In the 1830 forest cauliflower and trompettes de la mort are sitting on a carbon-coloured base.

Created at

Data Cuisine Workshop Paris

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