April 2016

Data Cuisine Workshop Gembloux

Another edition of the Data Cuisine Workshop took place in Gembloux, Belgium on April 27–29, 2016. It was co-organized by KIKK and Smart Gastronomy Lab and supported by Creative Wallonia!

We were lucky to have excellent creative and technological support from the freshly opened Smart Gastronomy Lab equipped with 3D food printers, sous vide cookers, a Pacojet, and many other crazy devices. Our chef was the incredible Ludovic Vanackere from Atelier de Bossimé.

The dishes produced investigated, for instance, the relation between chocolate consumption and Nobel prizes, expressed the risks of nuclear power or illustrated the most common sources of death in Belgium.

Thanks to Deutsche Welle, there is also a short video documentation of the workshop and its results:

Foto credit: © Nathalie et Bérénice MARTIN

Dishes from this workshop

Photos from this workshop