Four Seasons of Pleasure

Robert Madrenas, Fanny Ladam, Virginie Vermeersch
May 2016

In April, weather is highly unpredictable in Central Europe. It almost feels, as if all four seasons come together at once. But is there a relationship between sexual libido and weather conditions? The creators of this edible calendar know there is –– and decided to provide help. In relation to the daily weather conditions experienced in April 2016 in Gembloux, the team created four different filled bread balls, each having a particular effect on the libido. The carefully chosen local ingredients –– four different types of asparagus combined with various aphrodisiac herbs –– will put you in a positive mood for love. The "winter balls" make you feel warm; the "spring balls" will help you to open up; the "summer balls" will refresh you; and the "autumn balls" improve your strength.

Created at

Data Cuisine Workshop Gembloux

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