29 Jan

Flying Data Cuisine buffet for MiCT and OpenEye Award

On the occasion of the 11th anniversary party of MiCT and the Open Eye Award, we had the opportunity to feed over 150 guests with data-inspired dishes.

MiCT is a German non-profit organisation that implements media development projects in the Middle East, Northern Africa and other regions. The dishes we produced together with mediaexperts working for MiCT were inspired not only by the different local cuisines, but also by local issues of relevance. The results ranged from Tweeting Taboulehs over internet blocked by delicious barberry chutney to Cake Pops visualizing the percentage of Facebook usage in various countries by sugar sprinkles.

Check out the results!

And read more about the background over at the prozessagenten blog.


Thanks to Bestecklos Fingerfood Berlin for the great collaboration.

Foto credit: Uli Holz