Halal Internet

29 Jan
January 29, 2015

Majid Albunni, Christine Liehr and Marketa Hulpachova

The internet penetration rate in Iran is 67%, or 46 million users in a population of 77 million. 51 % of the world’s top 500 websites are blocked in Iran. BUT, 70% of young internet-users in Iran use Proxy Servers to bypass government filters.

Halal Internet visualizes these facts in a delicious Safran risotto with barberry chutney and tumeric chicken. The yellow rice — all accessible web pages — are neatly aligned to the left of the red line of barber chutney, representing the internet filters. But, as proxies are used to circumvent the barriers, quite a few yellow rice grains can be found on the other side.

[Data Source]

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